Dreadnought watch movement 22mm balance in good condition swiss made vintage

Dreadnought watch movement 22mm balance in good condition swiss made vintage


Dreadnought vintage watch movement 

Winds  sets and stops swiss made  the balance and hairspring are in good condition but the stem is missing 

I don't know anything about all these importers or the name Record Dreadnought or any of that "stuff", but I did find a movement with a bridge layout like yours, and I found it in the Record Watch Co. section of my most reliable reference, "La Classification Horlogere", edited by Jobin, 1st Edition (1936).

It is one of a series of four 9-3/4 ligne movements, apparently sharing the same basic movement but with four different styles/shapes of bridges, as is common on Swiss watches. The four different movements are designated 9-3/4 "' (ligne), calibres Stabilis 9-3/4"' SS - CH - CS and ZP. It is the last (9-3/4"' ZP) that the bridges are identical to your watch. Using a loupe on the photo, I can just read Stabilis W. Co. Swiss between the ratchet wheel and the edge, Only one of the four (CS) is actually marked Record on the illustration.

Above the 9-3/4"' movements, there is also a group of four similar but smaller movements measuring 8-3/4 lignes Stabilis SS, CH, CS and ZP. The movement bridges are similar to the larger ones, but the 8-3/4"' ZP is not quite as close to yours as the larger one. However that could also be a matter of the illustrations being somewhat different....they are apparently not streaight photos, but are either done by artists from photos or enhanced/heavily retouched.

I believe that at one time Stabilis was an independent watch company that was probably acquired by Record in one of those mergers. Out of seven pages of movements in the Record section, only 10 smaller movements are designated as Stabilis. It is interesting to note that in a list of trademarks registered in the U.S. for imported watches, I found Stabilis among the trademarks registered by, of all companies, Marshall Field and Co., the department store chain with the giant "flagship" store in downtown Chicago. I believe the stores are now called Macy's, to the great displeasure of multitudes of Chicagoans. They did the same to stores of other chains that they took over here in Los Angeles, but none were quite the proud local institution that MF & Company was in Chicago.

To be sure which you have, it would be necessary to take a measurement across the diameter of the pillar plate....the plate under the dial....which is where watch movement sizes are measured, NOT the upper bridges/plates, which is what you see from the back of the watch when you open it. If you don't have a small rule for measuring movements in lignes, a measurement in millimeters can be converted using available tables.

It is also interesting that in 1936, Record was simply Record....no hint of "Dreadnought" in their "La Classification Horlogere" listing....the same in the 1939 2nd edition! I just have a hunch that the Dreadnought stuff might have been for the British market....who else would even comprehend the significance of Dreadnought.

I don't think they were ever "big" in the North American market. Except, of course, for those 16-size railroad and commercial grade watches they supplied to the Ball Co., and maybe a few (perhaps just one or two?) Canadian companies during the 1950s (my references are not at hand).

By the way, I regret that I cannot furnish scans of the Record illustrations, but in the past others on the MB have been able to furnish some from "La Classification...." Maybe someone will come through this time. But I can assure you that the Record Stabilis 9-3/4"' ZP is as close to your movement as possible, except of course for the markings stamped/engraved on the movement,

Swiss  made vintage watch movement 

Working with a good balance and good action 

 15  jewels french made  

Good condition may require an overhaul to obtain  working timekeeping accuracy.

 Made Jewelled lever  

Scratches and marks with some component wear must be expected  and on  to the condition of time keeping this can only be astatine by you with a full overhaul or service applied,

Where component disassembly is  required  this can be  can  be very cost effective   component (Spares&Repairs) acquisition ,  my assumption  regarding condition and components etc hairsprings  balances staffs  mainspring winding and hand setting should help determine a good movement 

Swiss made vintage 

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rand:Record DreadnoughtCountry/Region of Manufacture:SwitzerlandType of Part:Whole MovementsMovement:Mechanical: Hand-Winding