Longines 14.17

swiss watch movement Vintage  and  in good condition Crown original sixties crown with wear  logo on the crowns surface is still clearThe movement has stopped  and  there may be issues with the  bolt spring we have not removed the dial to inspect .The movement does wing automatically and  you can set the hands  and wind  but the winding by hand is a little hit or miss  usually  pointing to an issue with  the bolt spring/ setting lever spring  which is available on ebay for under £ 20.00 if you wish to  change the full movement  and  overhaul if good time keeping is required . Dimensions 18mm x16 mm  approximately

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Longines 14.17 lady Watch movement auto balance /hairspring flat circa 1966

used Longines 14.17(serial 10784573) 17 jewels Watch movementchampagne dial with guilt batons Vintage automatic movement, staff balance in good order, mainspring winds but the movement is stopping the balance amplitude operates with the pallets but stops soon after the movement has been prompted to operate .This auction is for one complete movement. Need to be overhaul & adjusted by a watchmaker ...movement size 17.3 x 14.3 mm thickness 6.6 mm

Country/Region of Manufacture:SwitzerlandBrand:LonginesType of Part:Whole Movements