Rolex Precision 9 ct Gold Super balance circa 1954 2 Year Warranty 17 rubis

Rolex Precision 9 ct Gold Super balance circa 1954 2 Year Warranty 17 rubis


Rolex swiss made 

Rolex Watch Company  Precision watch all 9 c t gold  with a Two Year Warranty

Serial number 185592

Serviced with  warranty applied after the  service and overhaul  for 2 years 

The watch case is dated  to  Chester 1954 where the Rolex watch bracelet is dated to  Birmingham 1954 

The watch bracelet  clasp is a Rolex clasp but in my opinion this 9 ct gold bracelet is a latter addition to the watch which the clasp does fit perfectly  but the attaching bar that holds the clasp  has been adjusted to fit professionally never the less  an addition we must draw your attention to .

Clasp s safety features - Bar end clasp that then the watch is worn makes it difficult to accidentally open the clasp lip as  the lip is sunken deep in to the clasps outer surface  make  the clasp easy to open just push the rear of the clap down and lift the front when required to remove the watch from your  wrist .

17 cm bracelet adjustable up to  18 cm by the use of the  Rolex 3 stage triple safety clasp   adjustable double safety clasp

1 Deep opening bar 

2 Angle opening  difficult to remove 

3 Inner safety ladder holding clip over tongue  the clasp surface has a dent in the middle  which is  noticeable 

Crown which has no  Rolex coronet  .

 attention to these important design  concerns is what makes other  seemingly similar  watches inferior in so many ways 

Clasp signed  rolex 

Total watch weight including the movement 22.25 grams 

Swiss made vintage gold rolex 

Rolex Precision 

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