SCOTTISH PROUD STRONG FREE WATCH Date 40 mm - 16 cm bracelet Chrono 22k gold

SCOTTISH PROUD STRONG FREE WATCH Date 40 mm - 16 cm bracelet Chrono 22k gold

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Scottish memorabilia watch

Chronograph watch in working condition 

 40 mm case with many referances to the history and refeances of scotland 

'NO one provokes me with impunity' or 'Nemo me impune lacessit' is the national motto of the Kingdom of Scotland. Often translated into the Scots 'Wha duar meddle wi me' (in Scottish Gaelic 'Cha togar m' fhearg gun dìoladh'), it is loosely translated as 'No one can harm me unpunishe 

16.5 mm bracelet with no extra links 

Lion rampant and and st Andrews cross with a honey comb dial give the-is bulky case a pleasing dial with references.

Scottish proud ref watch 

Chronograph  facility which has has a new swiss made watch battery fitted . 

 Scottish Watch 

22k Gold 

Pay homage to our great nation and proudly declare your strong sense of patriotism for glorious Scotland with this contemporary chronograph! Our rich heritage and strong culture are apparent for the entire world to marvel at, from our legendary triumphs in battle, to our instantly recognisable bagpipe music. 

The exquisite Forever Scotland Chonograph draws inspiration from the rousing words of traditional Scotland Foreververse, and serves a bold salute to our fearless nation. Expertly handcrafted from stainless steel and meticulously finished with gleaming 22-carat gold, this sleek chronograph features intricate engravings on its classic casing and strap. On the side of the casing is situated the declaration Brave, Proud, Strong, whilst etched on the reverse is the Saltire – the mottos from the coat of arms – In Defend and Nemo Me Impune Lacessit. Additionally, a host of pivotal dates within Scottish History are included, from Mac Beth’s accession to the throne in 1040 and the instatement of the Scottish Parliament in 1999. The watch face is depicted in blue, white and gold in honour of our national flag, and encompasses a 22-carat gold raised rampant lion. Restricted to just 4,999 editions, make sure that you secure yours today!

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The watch has some light scratches to the case glass case back and braceletThe watch will come in the presentation case photoed and has a One Year Warranty document enclosed with the watc